From, Emirate couples to non-Muslim couples, Everyone can conduct a registered marriage in Dubai. Regardless of your nationality and religion, the Government offers you a chance to register for marriage in Dubai. So, if you want to start a business in Dubai, registering your marriage here is a good way to get started. And also want to Let us now understand the procedures involved for such registered weddings. 

Why you need to get married before starting a business

If you register for marriage in Dubai, your legal documentation work becomes easier. So, one must follow simple procedures for authentication. The Government permits registered marriage for both Muslim and non-Muslim couples.

Regulations to register marriage in Dubai

Unlike in many countries, it is not necessary to conduct a registered marriage in Dubai. The couples can register their marriage anywhere within the country and register it in a court of law. 

Marriage for foreigners 

Foreign ex-pats can get married in Dubai, but they should tie the knot in Emirates. Also, they must legally register their marriage in court. The non-Muslim ex-pats can follow the rules of their country to tie the knot in Dubai. The rules might vary based upon their nationality, residential status, religion, and citizenship. 

General requirements to register your marriage in Dubai.

Regardless of your religion and citizenship status within the country, it is necessary to have some basic requirements to register your marriage in Dubai. 

  • The approval of the Bride 
  • The couple’s residential ID 
  • The couple’s birth certificate to prove their legal age 
  • Valid passports. 
  • Visa status of both the Bride and groom. 
  • At least one person must have a residential visa in UAE. 
  • A positive pre-marital screening report from health centers approved by UAE. 

All the citizens and non-citizens of the country must follow the rules given below to register their marriage. Hire an expert lawyer and a translator to ease the process and improve your chances of registration approval.

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