We won’t be the first to say that the infamous virus affected the lives of many people. A lot of successful businesses shut down and did not survive the pandemic. But life is slowly coming back to normal and it’s time to get those companies raised from the ashes.

Every crisis is a blessing in disguise after all.

Top 5 tips on how to restore the company after the crisis

1. Accept the failure

Acting as nothing happened and trying to keep the same business model as before the crisis won’t get you anywhere. Before moving on and taking the next step it is very important to accept the fact that the new situation requires a lot of adjustments.

2. Prepare the new action plan

Reducing staff and investments is simply not enough to create a new action plan. You will need to set clear goals (both short-term and long term) and to re-evaluate the steps of achieving them.

Prioritizing is the key. You need to have a solid understanding of what matters most and get rid of the unnecessary but time and money consuming tasks.

3. Follow up on a regular basis

To make sure the new action plan works you will need to review and readjust all the elements of it regularly.

Some ideas might seem great in theory but when it comes to practice they don’t work. It is important to eliminate the elements that are slowing down the process but not getting you any closer to your goals and implement new ideas. 

4. Cooperate with other businesses and build connections

Your business is not the only one struggling at the moment. There are a lot of people out there trying to rebuild their companies. Reach them out, offer cooperation, share the ideas, and find a way to promote each other.

Not all the companies offering similar services are competitors, some of them can become partners. 

5. Move outside your comfort zone

There are probably some tools or ideas that you were avoiding simply because you didn’t like them personally. Now it’s time to try them. In a new after-crisis situation everything that might push your business forward worth trying. Follow the same logic: plan, give it a try, follow up, and re-evaluate.

How do Dubai companies deal with the crisis?

Easy Wedding Georgia – a Dubai based startup, offering wedding services in Georgia to the GCC residents, is one of the many companies that got hit by a virus pretty hard. The whole business of the company was wrapped around international traveling and once all the borders were closed and flights canceled, their business just stopped.

However, the founders of the company – a married couple that was the first to try their own services and get married in Georgia, took this as an opportunity to grow and develop their idea.

They set up a proper action plan and invested a lot of effort into the brand awareness and online presence of the company to make sure that once the borders are open, they will be on the top of the wave.

And their idea worked. By now, although the borders of Georgia are still closed, they have a list of the customers, ready to use their services as soon as the first flight is allowed to enter the country.

Do you know any examples of the companies that used the opportunity wisely and rebuilt their business after the failure? Let us know in the comments!

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