3 learnings

1- Be sure to get your market fit

  • Make sure you understand your users’ issues
  • Start with small companies

Your idea is worth nothing. What matters is Execution + Luck + Team

Fabien Keller

2- Monetize your solution

  • Don’t overprice your solution
  • Mentors can be the key to help better attack B2B
  • Big companies payment terms can kill your company and cash flow

Until you have your first paid client, it’s a hobby not a company

Fabien Keller

3- Don’t raise money for raising money

  • Don’t try to raise money too early
  • Don’t raise money to validate an idea, raise to develop and grow
  • Don’t get any investors. They need to bring you human capital, skills and smart money
  • Don’t dilute yourself too much

We raised money mainly to go international

Fabien Keller

Wanna know more about Fabien Keller?

  • Dreamed job: Special Forces & Pilot but ends up in one the “French Grandes Ecoles” Polytechnic
  • Totem animal: Fox
  • Cliché he is tired of: Supposed to get free time as not working 9 to 6

Birdylabs experience


Started in 2015 while still studying. After his university did not allow him to adapt his courses to his new project, he decided to drop out school and start his entrepreneur journey.
His main idea was to help people to save money by get the little extra into their saving accounts. Brilliant no? Instead of paying 15,12€ you pay 16€ and get 0,88€ in your saving account.
Birdylabs took off, after they manage to integrate their solution to Linkso.
Since then, they opened their capital to external investors and partnerships with some of the biggest bank as a white label product.

A few mentors who made their journey better

  • Adrien Aumont from KissKissBankBank
  • Nicolas Woussen from Camaieu
  • Aymeril Hoang, head of innovation at societe general

Free promo? Still your flyer on the toilets on the startup hubs!

Fabien Keller
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