Let’s talk with Sayumporn Singthong (May)

Originally from the north of Thailand, May grew up in a few places including, Chiang Mai & Singapore. She is now involved in a few business from beauty salon, to design & more.

You can find her on Mcouturestudio81, Nataulique and a few more businesses.

Let’s talk about work / life balance

Far from being easy for entrepreneurs to handle, finding balance between working hours and family time is difficult.

May will share with us her own vision, tips & hacks to make sure working hours remain where they should and don’t overtake your life as it happened with her in the past.

Why May’s experience matters when it comes to work / life balance?

Being a mum and entrepreneur is usually a double challenge. Most of the time, women entrepreneurs will also have a bigger share of the house & kids tasks.

This is one of the reason we were happy interviewing May. Her experience is not unique, but the vision she has and the way she now handles multiple business deserve some more attention.

What did we learn on the podcast?

We learned that business is not all. Sometimes growing means losing freedom we could have enjoyed better.

life is not only work, enjoy what you do


So now the question is how do you set up boundaries when it comes to work / life balance?

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