Entering into the entrepreneur jungle is far from being easy. There is no training or diploma to prepare us. So when you do it straight out of school, there is still a huge delta between your learnings, your experiences, your believes and the real life.

How do you know you’re an entrepreneur and not a wannabeentrepreneur?

Today, we have the chance of interviewing Simon Oberman in Jakarta. He will take us through his entrepreneurial journey and help us to identify some key pain points from first time entrepreneurs.

At the end of the podcasts, you should be able to ask yourself the right questions and make sure to kick your project off properly.

Simon Oberman is now the director of Artemis Impact in Jakarta. His previous experience at Volpit definitely served him and allowed him to successfully run his current business. But far from being a peaceful journey, his adventure had lots of ups & downs.

To go back in time, Volpit was a platform created in the early 2010 when Simon felt an opportunity due to a new regulation around startups fundings. The idea was to offer a platform and easy solution for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to more investors. On the other side of the coin, the platform allowed investors to save time by reviewing similarly presented projects.

Despite successfully launching his projects with other co founders, their team quickly realized they had a huge gap between their theoretical knowledge as fresh graduate and the real needs of the market.

After a few months of activity, the promotion of a few projects and they had to close the business.

One very interesting element, we’ll discuss during our podcast is the reuse of the built asset while closing down a company.

In this specific example, Simon and his team could not get back all their initial investment. But the process in place and the ideas they developed are worth a try.

After this podcast, you should definitely get some key elements to consider while launching your first project. You’ll also get more understanding on the closing part of a project and what to do when the time has come to pivot.

Have you too, launched your first startup after college? If yes we’d love so much to hear about it in the comments!

So .. tell us. How was your own journey?

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