3 learnings

1- Make sure you have enough money. Get Investors!

  • Don’t rely only on your strengths
  • You need people with experience

Picking the right founder/cofounder is just as important as picking the right market/product


2- Make sure to be in the right relationship. Get the right founders!

  • They must impress you
  • Need to make sure they all bring something

3- Are you ready to do it? Failure will happen and it’s hard!

  • Don’t be scared
  • Understand the risk

Wanna know more about AndrewStartups

It took me 10 years to be able to travel this way.


Andrew Lee Miller has spent over 12 years of growth hacking startup wins, including 5 years in Dubai and 5 years in Silicon Valley.
Since his third exit as Head of Marketing, he’s launched and grown tech projects in over 15 countries, driving traction for over $22,000,000 in funding rounds as a consultant via his company, AndrewStartups, including launching a new dating app for Tinder last year that ended up being internally acquired by Match.com.

He has also lectured in over a dozen countries about low-budget growth hacking strategies, worked with both 500 startups and YCombinator projects, written for StartupGrind, StartupNation and INC magazine.

Andrew recently launched an interactive online growth hacking course called “Bootstrapped to teach unfunded startup founders how to build scalable growth themselves, without an agency. Andrew can be found online at mistakers.co/andrew

Yadig.com Experience

Andrew discusses how he was able to growth hack the startup to 600k users, 300k monthly unique visitors, first page rankings for over 50k businesses in the region, yet the company still failed, and with glorious fashion.

No announcement, no landing page, and no post to the over 100k social media followers. What went wrong? What did he learn?

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