As the world economy has been in a free-fall for months now, it is absolutely clear that the old way of doing business proved itself insufficient. The challenges that most of the companies faced during this pandemic make a long list of problems to solve for almost every existing company. From the reduced funding and revenue to letting go of the employees. However, for some companies, the infamous virus may be not a curse but a blessing in disguise. 

How can a startup turn the COVID-19 pandemic into a good fortune?

Recessions often lead to a lot of changes and restructuring in the companies, and that may ultimately lead to a stronger and more resilient business set up.

One of the companies that used the changing situation in its favor is Easy Wedding Seychelles, which was born during the pandemic. The mother company of this startup, Easy Wedding Family, offers wedding solutions in Georgia for the GCC residents.

And while the expansion and the new destinations have been planned along the way, the timeline for it was far ahead.

However, facing the extended closure of the borders at its main destination, the founders of the company were able to react proactively and use the new business opportunity.

The current economic situation gave a clear vision of the required business structure. The focus has been set on the essential and crucial workflow elements that are necessary for the survival of the company, and all the secondary processes were paused or eliminated. 

What does the future bring for the startups that survived Coronavirus?

Nothing but prosperity, given the right attitude. Today Easy Wedding Seychelles is perfectly able to provide the same services promised by the original company, without letting it loose the customers or having them disappointed. And the brand new tropical destination is an additional asset in the portfolio of services of the mother company.

Easy Wedding Georgia is planning its further expansion, and this time it won’t wait for another crisis to take off. The new plan is very ambitious, and will create a safe foundation not only for the company itself, but will also connect other parts of the industry, creating new opportunities for the partner companies. 

Therefore even extremely challenging times can bring new beginnings. Not only Easy Wedding Seychelles survived the crisis. It was born out of it. And well, it kept the workforce busy and motivated, which is also one of the very important elements of surviving the tough times.

What are the other blessings can you find in this pandemic? Tell us in the comments!

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