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Did Coronavirus bring new opportunities for startups?

As the world economy has been in a free-fall for months now, it is absolutely clear that the old way of doing business proved itself insufficient. The challenges that most of the companies faced during this pandemic make a long list of problems to solve for almost every existing company. From the reduced funding and revenue to letting go of the employees. However, for some companies, the infamous virus may be not a curse but a blessing in disguise.

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I don't wanna sare my idea as an entrepreneur

#Mistakers1 – I don’t wanna share my idea. I’m a lovemyself kind of an entrepreneur

It’s a common practice for most of the entrepreneurs to think that their idea is truly awesome, the best and probably something no one would have ever thought of. This might be true in some cases and till some extent. But when you’re about to pivot your life towards entrepreneurship, where your business will be something you will be betting a lot of things on, you can’t just assume that your idea is great, it is something you need to be really sure of.

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