There is nothing like failure

93% of the startups will fail before their 3rd birthday.
Succeed by learning from other entrepreneurs mistakes.

Learn from them Share your experience

Have you just closed your last startup?

Make money from your experience

– Generate revenue from the projects you already worked on
– Get paid to teach people from your experience
– Sell the parts of your projects that entrepreneurs need

2 out of 10
entrepreneurs won’t recover.

Let’s make sure you are not one of them!

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Benefit from their experience

Are you about to start a new project?

– Discover similar projects who did not make it
– Hire people who did it before
– Reuse what other people already built team

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For the last 10 years we have been managing startups & digital projects. It gave us a lot of insights & contacts. It’s now time for us to help other!

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